Bob's message

A strong local voice

In this unique General Election, there is a danger that the issues of Brexit, the collapse of UKIP and divisions in the Labour Party, leading to a Conservative landslide will drown out local concerns. Yet you will be electing a representative to stand up for Warrington South and who should fight on your behalf on local issues rather than concentrating on the national debates.

A successful town weakened by Brexit

Warrington is a very unusual town. It has been identified by the Centre for Cities as the only high wage low welfare 'city' south of Edinburgh and north of Cambridge. We are the tenth most dependent city on European trade. We are a city whose economy is based mainly on science and engineering. 63% of the borough is designated green belt. We suffer from unusually bad congestion, not helped by having the town divided by the Manchester Ship Canal.

Experienced local candidate

Having lived here with my wife Caroline for 35 years, brought up my daughters Katie and Sarah here, and having taught about and studied Warrington in my career as a University lecturer at Manchester University, I believe I am best qualified to represent the town.

Starved of funds

Sadly, too much of Warrington doesn't look like the successful town that it is. A price the town pays for its success and relative wealth has been starved of funds, under both Conservative and Labour governments. The New Town project was cut short before the necessary road infrastructure and the local services had been provided.

Untapped potential

However, Warrington now has the chance to take back control of its own future. Warrington is ideally located to take advantage of growth in the Northern economy, we have the land, the skills, access to the motorway and rail networks and the international airports on our doorsteps to thrive.

Listen to the people

A growth deal to complete the New Town as well as accepting some powers devolved from Central Government to Cheshire and Warrington will help. However, it is essential that local voices are heard and the town develops the way its residents want, not being dictated to from Westminster. Warrington can develop as a new, green science city. Preserving almost all our best green belt. Ensuring the green space in the built-up area is preserved and exploited to enable safe cycling and walking to work or school.

Education and Health

The proceeds must be invested in the schools, new medical facilities and affordable housing that the town needs. This will make Warrington a more prosperous and less unequal city as the costs of neglect start to fall away.

Local dedicated MP

To achieve these aims Warrington needs a local, dedicated MP in Westminster. Neither of the main parties have provided such an MP for Warrington. Treating the town as a 'safe seat' little has been achieved. Promises made at elections have been broken and Warrington has continued to get poor deals, underfunded schools, health services at breaking point, a neglected environment and excessive congestion with the associated air pollution increasing the demand on medical services.

Change for the better

Warrington can change for the better. It can change for the better by electing Liberal Democrat MPs who will put the town first.