Stockton Heath Swing Bridge Survey

July 5, 2022 11:00 AM

Peter Walker, Sharon Harris and Judith Wheeler at Stockton Heath Swing BridgePlease tell us how the closure of Stockton Heath Swing Bridge for repair next year will affect you and your family, and what you think might be done to reduce the impact.

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Next year Peel Ports plan to carry out essential maintenance work on Stockton Heath Swing Bridge and, we hope, smarten it up a bit. We have campaigned for this for several years. The downside is that Peel Ports say that for safety reasons the bridge will need to be completely closed while the work is in progress and it could take up to nine months.

This will have an immense impact on people in Stockton Heath, Walton, Latchford and surrounding areas. Arrangements will need to be made so that people who cross every day for work, education, shopping, caring duties etc. can carry on their lives. As local Councillors, we will be part of the liaison group with Warrington Borough Council and Peel Ports working to reduce the disruption and inconveniences as much as possible.

To help us negotiate measures to ease the disruption, we hope you will fill in this survey to tell us about your issues with the closure.

Click here to fill in the survey online

You can of course contact us directly by phone or e-mail.

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