Council agrees to Lib Dem call for pothole repair machine trial

May 17, 2022 9:00 AM
By Cllr Ian Marks - Finance spokesperson

At Council logoWarrington Borough Council has agreed to a trial with a new machine to repair potholes much more efficiently. The news comes after the Liberal Democrats asked a question at the recent Council meeting.

imarksAt the Budget Council meeting I mentioned a specialist vehicle designed by JCB to repair the country's potholes in record time. The 'Pothole-Pro' can repair a pothole in eight minutes which speeds up the fixing process by 700%.

Government finance for potholes has been cut in recent months, yet all councillors must receive numerous complaints about potholes in their wards. Apart from the speed of repair and productivity cost savings, the machine has positive green credentials because fewer heavy-duty vehicles are required.

The machine has been trialled in Stoke which is close to JCB's headquarters. To buy it would cost £165,000 but a lease option is available at £600 a week. I have asked the Council to commit to a trial of 'Pothole-Pro' and I am delighted to say they have agreed to this and I look forward to hearing the results.