New Officers Chosen for 2022

November 29, 2021 8:00 PM

Warrington Liberal Democrats have appointed a new team of officers to run the local party at our recent Annual General Meeting.

Cllr Mark Browne is elected as the new Chair to take over from Cllr Ryan Bate, while Cllr Helen Speed will take over as Deputy Chair from Cllr Ian Marks. Dan Warren will be the new Secretary and Cllr Sally Chisholm is re-elected as Treasurer. Sharon Harris is the new Membership Development Officer.

AGM 2021

2021 Chair Ryan Bate congratulates 2022 Chair-elect Mark Browne alongside Honorary President of Warrington Liberal Democrats, Celia Jordan MBE

Chair-elect Mark Browne, a recently retired Solicitor, is a member of Appleton and Grappenhall & Thelwall Parish Councils. Mark told the meeting: We have a shambolic government and a country beset with problems of the Prime Minister's making.

Liberal Democrat values are very much in keeping with those of a large number of people, so our task is to get our message through to more of them and persuade them that we are the party for them. I am passionate about the need to take urgent action on the Climate Change emergency, and I will take a lead on this. Getting more young people into our party is also one of my key aims.

After the meeting Mark added: Consultation on the Local Plan is now over but we must keep the pressure on the Council and the Government to ensure our Green Belt is protected, and that physical and social infrastructure is provided at the same time as any development takes place - not afterwards. The priority must be to build on brownfield sites first.