Lymm Shopper bus under new management

March 28, 2021 11:00 AM
By Cllr Tim Martland

The Lymm Shopper bus service will be under new management after Easter. Previous operator JJ Travel gave up the franchise due to retirement and a new operator, Direct Taxis, has taken over. The person who has been driving the bus in recent weeks will continue and work for the new company.

Tim Martland at Lymm Dam zebra crossing (edited)

Cllr Tim Martland

This is excellent news. I know many residents were anxious because they feared the service might stop altogether. The service provides a vital function for older people all over the village. It enables people living in Broomedge, Booths Hill, Statham and Heatley and places in between to get around the village and gain access to shops, medical centres and friends. As well as being a great benefit for local residents, the bus provides a boost for local businesses in the village.

The new service will operate from Tuesday 6 April and there have been a few changes to the timetable to include some additions to the areas served.

Tim Martland is a Lymm Parish Councillor and Liberal Democrat campaigner