Decision on pedestrian crossing delayed by Covid

March 18, 2021 9:30 AM
By Cllr Ian Marks

Councillors and residents have been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing on Rushgreen Road by Sainsbury's in Lymm. Officers now say an assessment of the need will not take place until traffic conditions return to a more 'normal' state.

Rushgreen Road is narrow in places and traffic is too fast. HGVs sometimes use it illegally. This has been a problem for years but recently the situation has worsened with the Sainsbury's store and a new housing estate being completed nearby.

Residents from the Bollin estate opposite have been asking for some form of traffic calming to make it safer to cross the road. They are asking for a zebra crossing, traffic lights or some other traffic calming measure. They want to feel safe crossing the road to either get to the shop or walk into the village centre.

I approached the Council about this in October 2019 and was told they would assess the need alongside other proposals. If it obtained the right priority, it would be considered for the 2020/21 financial year. Nothing has happened. Highway Safety officers now tell me that the latest studies have found a 27% reduction in traffic flows from normal and a change in pedestrian activity. An assessment will be postponed until more 'normal' conditions resume after Covid.

This is frustrating but I will be keeping up the pressure for action in the future to improve safety for local residents.

Ian Marks is a Liberal Democrat Warrington Borough Councillor for Lymm North and Thelwall ward and Lymm Parish Councillor.

Cllr Ian Marks pointing towards traffic on Rushgreen Road

Cllr Ian Marks pointing towards traffic on Rushgreen Road