Help us stop cuts to rail services from Padgate

February 6, 2021 2:00 PM

Liberal Democrat campaigners Dave Crowther and Dan Warren have launched a petition against plans to reduce rail services from Padgate Station. A consultation on these proposals has been opened which could mean reductions from May next year.

Dave says: Travellers from Padgate would lose out from these proposals so we have launched a petition called Say No to Northern Rail Reducing our Service from Padgate Station. Padgate would no longer have a direct link with Liverpool Lime Street. Trains from Bank Quay to North Wales would stop at Chester and not continue through to North Wales. There would be reduced services the other way for trains to Manchester and further east.

Dan adds: I have used the service from Padgate to get into Liverpool and back many times, as I live under a mile walk away. Many people commute to work from the station, and we should offer more public transport not less with climate change growing as an issue.

The petition can be accessed at

Dave Crowther on left, Dan Warren on right

Dave Crowther (left) and Dan Warren at Padgate Station