Praise for emergency services over floods

January 22, 2021 5:30 PM
By Cllrs Bob Barr & Ian Marks
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The COVID crisis has showed the tremendous benefits of different organisations working together to combat a problem. The exceptional rainfall that has caused flooding problems in parts of Lymm and elsewhere in Warrington has again shown the benefits of co-operation.

We have been very impressed by the way Warrington Council, the Police, the Fire and Rescue Service, the Environment Agency, housing providers and others have come together. The Council and the Environment Agency have provided useful bulletins, which they have updated frequently.

There are two reasons for the flooding in Lymm. Firstly the River Bollin has overflowed but secondly the run-off from water-logged fields has caused road closures like in Warrington Lane. The combined emergency services have worked very hard to provide people with sandbags, provide support for evacuations, close roads and generally provide advice and help.

Lymm Parish Council working with Parish Councillor Graham Gowland opened the Village Hall for anyone who needed somewhere to go. It wasn't needed but the offer was there.

Thankfully the water has now subsided and power is being reinstated into houses. Work to clear up all the mess can now start. Everything has been complicated by the need to obey the COVID restriction rules.

Our thanks go out to all the emergency services and our sympathies to those whose homes have been affected. Councillors will continue to give what help and advice they can to people who make contact.