Liberal Democrats condemn Government’s planning reforms

August 10, 2020 7:51 PM
By Cllr Ryan Bate

The government's planning proposals in the recently published White Paper raise more problems than solutions. Planning spokesperson Ryan Bate says:

PPC Cllr Ryan Bate (Warrington Liberal Democrats)The government should listen to the many voices raising concerns as they consult on their overhaul of the planning system. The proposals try to lay the blame for the housing crisis squarely at the feet of the planning system, but over a million homes have been granted planning permission over the last decade and never built. If we had a well-resourced planning system focusing on sustainable development, quality place-making and genuine public participation, then Warrington would get the right homes in the right places with the right jobs and the right infrastructure. That includes genuinely affordable homes and social housing too.

Planning professionals, environmentalists, conservationists and social housing bodies are all worried about these new proposals and I share their concerns. Handing more power to developers won't give us the homes we need at the same time as reducing inequality and tackling climate change. These proposals are an attack on local democracy and will deny people the chance to have their say on local development.

Ryan Bate is the Warrington Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Environment & Planning and a Borough Councillor for Grappenhall. He was the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Warrington South at the 2019 General Election.