Danger at unfinished zebra crossing

February 12, 2020 7:39 PM

Tim Martland at Lymm Dam zebra crossing (edited)After a good deal of pressure from local councillors, a zebra crossing has at last been installed by The Dam in Lymm.

Local resident and Liberal Democrat campaigner Tim Martland says, "I live nearby and know how dangerous it can be for people crossing the road between the Dam and the Dingle. I welcome the crossing but the problem has been that the job has taken too long to complete. It has been left more dangerous than before with no belishas working. I have been told it will take up to two weeks for the electricity to be connected.

The zig-zag lines on the Dam side are confusing and cars are allowed to park too close to the crossing. Visibility is poor for vehicles travelling in the Warrington direction. I realise that the loss of parking places should be minimised at such a popular visitor attraction but public safety must be paramount.

I am in touch with our Councillors and I know that two of them have expressed residents' concerns to Warrington Council and asked for immediate action."