Delayed Zebra Crossing in Lymm

July 18, 2019 5:16 PM
By Cllrs Anna Fradgley and Ryan Bate

Liberal Democrat councillors are putting pressure on Warrington Council to install a promised zebra crossing at Lymm Dam.

Zebra Crossing at Lymm (Warrington Liberal Democrats)

The Council agreed to install the crossing last January but nothing has appeared yet.

Cllr Anna Fradgley says, "After the necessary surveys, the Council agreed to install this crossing. Lymm Dam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Borough and we want to encourage visitors to the Dam to also walk down the Dingle into the village centre. Crossing the road can be hazardous and councillors were pleased the Council agreed to our request.

It was promised last January but we are still waiting for action. I have chased the Council to find out when it is going to happen. At this rate the summer will be over before it appears."

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Councillor Ryan Bate adds, "We know the Council is short of resources due to austerity cuts by the Government that have gone on far too long. It is a main road and drivers unfamiliar with the area don't realise it is a major crossing point for visitors and local residents. As this is a safety matter, Anna has my full support to press the Council for speedy action. The delay has gone on far too long."