Lib Dems brave weather to oppose Local Plan

June 12, 2019 8:02 PM
By Cllr Ian Marks

Lymm Liberal Democrats ran a street stall in the Village centre on a rainy Saturday to encourage residents to voice their opposition to Warrington Council's Local Plan proposals.

The closing date for comments on the consultation proposals is 17 June.

Local Plan Stall (Warrington Liberal Democrats)

Councillor Ian Marks says, "It is vitally important that as many people as possible submit their thoughts to the Council. What is being proposed for the south of Warrington will have a huge effect on the quality of life of people here. We do not believe the Plan is sound. We accept that some development is needed but we do not accept the scale and nature of what is being put forward. Little has changed from the previous version.

There is still a loss of large areas of Green Belt, there is still a massive 'Garden Suburb' and large logistics sites. There is no clear plan to improve local roads and the character and distinctiveness of south Warrington will be dramatically changed forever.

Our message to residents is simple. There is no justification for the predicted growth, no need for the volume of housing and mass of employment land, no need for the scale of green belt release, no need for the harm to air quality and local ecology, no need to destroy the character and distinctiveness of our villages and no clarity on the means of delivery.

We urge people to email their views to the Council at or write to them at ' Local Plan, WBC, New Town House, Buttermarket Street, Warrington WA1 2NH'."