Lib Dems welcome call to put teachers back in charge of teaching

May 18, 2019 12:32 PM
By Councillor Ryan Bate

The Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington South, Councillor Ryan Bate, has welcomed Liberal Democrats plans for removing government interference in our schools and the curriculum.

PPC Cllr Ryan Bate + Layla Moran MP (Warrington Liberal Democrats)

Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson, Layla Moran MP who is a former Physics teacher, has unveiled plans for a new cross-party Education Commission to look at this proposal. The 'Future Perfect Education Commission' aims to develop a vision for the future school system and put teachers at the heart of that mission.

Responding to the proposal, Ryan Bate, who has spent his teaching career in Warrington schools, said, 'It is refreshing for a politician to talk about giving away power and putting trust in education professionals. On the basis of evidence, they know what is best for the young people, families and communities they serve. I think the new Education Commission could be a game-changer and by involving teachers, unions, educationalists and other stakeholders, we may create a positive, long-term vision which truly serves the best interests of teachers and children. Possible proposals are scrapping Ofsted, ending league tables and abolishing SATs.

The Education Commission is currently asking for evidence from all interested people in the Education profession. You can find out more at

Layla Moran was elected the Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West & Abingdon in 2017 and was appointed by Vince Cable as Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson. Layla is the first British MP of Palestinian descent and the first Lib Dem female MP from an ethnic minority background.