Local Protest gets Reprieve for Sandy Lane Tip

December 17, 2018 6:49 PM

The latest threat to close the Sandy Lane Community Recycling Centre in Stockton Heath has been put on hold, thanks to the power of local protest.

The Labour Council reversed the decision to shut it down next year and Peter @ Sandy Lanehas asked officers to find ways to reduce running costs to allow it to stay open. Officers have to report back by May next year.

Peter Walker, Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor for Stockton Heath, said, "For nearly five years we have been fighting against the closure of our recycling centre until a better site south of the Ship Canal can be found. Our campaign included taking a previous closure decision to the Council's Scrutiny Committee to get it reversed.

The strength of feeling in the South to keep it open can be seen from the 3,841 signatures on the petition that I presented to the Council last week. I am pleased that the Labour Administration is having a rethink. I am also pleased to see our local MP has now joined the fight."