Lib Dems select Parliamentary candidates for town

May 17, 2018 7:47 PM
By Alix Roper


Local Liberal Democrats have selected their candidates to stand in the next General Election. Cllr Ryan Bate will stand as their candidate in Warrington South and David Crowther in Warrington North.

Councillor Ian Marks, Chairman of the local party said, "The next General Election is not due for a few years but with the crazy state of politics in this country it may be sooner rather than later. The Conservative Government is in complete disarray and Labour is bitterly divided between their different factions. Having our candidates in place gives us a focus for both our national and local campaigning."

Ryan says, "I was born and bred in Warrington and teach at a local school. I have represented Grappenhall on the Borough Council and am also a Parish Councillor. I firmly believe in creating opportunities for everyone. I have worked with a range of residents and community groups to deliver improvements and in fighting against the Local Plan and major housing developments.

Brexit is most unwelcome but I recognise that swathes of people have been left behind by globalisation and have concerns about immigration. It is up to the Liberal Democrats to offer radical political solutions to these problems so no one feels disenfranchised from our society or disconnected from the economy. We must give our children the best possible education, provide affordable housing for young families and ensure our older people receive high-quality dignified care."

David adds, "Before moving to Warrington I was a Councillor in St Helens for many years. The residents of north Warrington have suffered at the hands of the Labour Party. It is all very well using the spaces around the M62 corridor for businesses but this must not be at the expense of the quality of life of local residents. We need radical solutions to solve our traffic problems because our roads are grid-locked too many times. There are serious problems with funding of both our health service and schools in the town and we must find ways of making improvements for the benefit of local people."