Listening to The People

May 24, 2018 10:27 PM
By Webmaster

Liberal Democrats in Warrington have been out in the centre of town with Cllr Bob Barr, the Parliamentary Candidate for Warrington South, listening to what people think are the big issues. They held a Street Stall at Market Gate on Saturday.

The issues people wanted to talk about were education and health and social care. Warrington has suffered badly from under-funding in our schools and we told people that the Liberal Democrats would invest an extra £7 billion so that no school loses money per pupil.

Many people have personal stories about the NHS and Social Care due to chronic underfunding by the Conservatives. There is a willingness to pay an extra penny on income tax providing it can be guaranteed that this will be ring-fenced for health and care spending.

We were pleased that Warrington voters liked what the Liberal Democrats had to say on these big issues."