An Outdoor Gym In Lymm

September 21, 2017 8:39 PM
By Webmaster

Your Help is Needed!

An Outdoor Gym is being planned for Ridgway Grundy Park in Lymm for the benefit of local residents and sports groups.

The initial idea came from local member Denis McAllister, who suggested it to the Parish Council, and they gave it strong support. A small group including Mr. McAllister and Cllr Ian Marks was set up to explore and progress the idea.

wp-content/uploads/View-of-Gym.jpg The equipment will be similar to this at Birchwood Forrest Park

Cllr Ian Marks says, "This would encourage villagers to improve their health and fitness using a range of apparatus for building both muscle tone and cardio-vascular fitness. The facility would be free to use seven days a week."

Without giving the detailed history, we are now having a 2nd attempt at obtaining funding. Warrington Borough Council owns the Park and suggested applying for landfill tax funding from WREN. In February 2017, the application was submitted. The proposal was supported by a contribution of £2,750 from the Parish Council and £2,500 from Lymm Round Table - the rest to come hopefully from WREN. Unfortunately, it was turned down but WREN said we could apply again in the next funding round in November.

wp-content/uploads/Ian-Denis-300x200.jpg Ian and Denis trying the equipment in Birchwood

Denis McAllister adds, "They said the bid was sound but we fell short on two criteria - not enough 3rd party funding and not enough public consultation.

These two shortcomings are being addressed by using 'crowd-funding' to gain some extra 3rd party money and show community commitment. Please visit the crowdfunding page and contribute some money to help the project succeed'

At the same time, we are conducting an on-line survey to address the second point so please visit and fill in the form. We need as many people as possible to complete the short survey, so we obtain abroad range of views; and in large enough numbers to validate the survey"