Confusion Over Council Tax Letter

April 26, 2017 6:02 PM
By Webmaster

The letter that everyone has just received about the wp-content/uploads/CouncilTaxBill.jpgir Council Tax payments contains a misleading and inaccurate figure about Adult Social Care payments.

Councils are obliged to send out details of the amounts payable to the Borough Council, the Police, Fire and where appropriate Parish Councils.

Warrington Lib Dem Finance Spokesperson, Cllr Ian Marks says, "In addition this year, like last year, there is reference to the extra payment especially for Adult Social Care. Last year an extra 2% was allowed and this year an extra 3%. This is cumulative so if you look at your Tax bill, you will find that you are paying an extra 5% of your Council Tax for Social Care. Residents may not like this but most accept that Social Care is in crisis and the money has to be found from somewhere.

The problem is that in the '% Increase' column is says 3%. This is not just misleading but it is downright dishonest. The true year on year increase is 156%. I am told that the Government instructed Councils to display it this way. This is a disgrace and they are trying to disguise the gross under-funding of Social Care by Central Government."