• Article: May 25, 2020

    While the Council rightly remains focused on the Covid-19 response, it still has serious questions to answer about it's investments, especially Redwood Bank.

    This is the claim by Grappenhall and Appleton Thorn Borough Councillor Ryan Bate. Recent 'freedom of information' requests conducted by one of his residents have brought to light the concerns of council auditors, Grant Thornton.

  • Article: May 25, 2020

    Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the decision by the Secretary of State to call in for determination the planning application by Stobart's for a major logistics site on land north of Barleycastle Lane in Appleton Thorn.

    This means that the Government rather than Warrington Council will decide if the planning application goes ahead. A public enquiry was held last October and the Inspector's report was submitted to the Secretary of State in mid December. This was held to consider Warrington Council's decision to turn down Stobart's first application but it also took into account their second application. This was virtually unchanged but approved by the Council following a U-turn by the planning committee.

  • Article: May 22, 2020

    The government is trying to balance the risks to children's education and the risks to public health in decisions over school opening. At the moment they're reaching the wrong conclusions, argues Councillor Ryan Bate.

    The first point to make in the 'school opening' debate is that the vast majority of schools never closed. Schools have remained open to vulnerable children and those of key workers. Teachers and support staff continue to provide learning opportunities for the majority of children sat at home during the lockdown. This provision was put in place with almost no notice and, as Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman has said, it is wrong to criticise schools who have been doing their absolute best from a 'standing start'.

  • Article: May 21, 2020

    Local Liberal Democrat Councillors Ryan Bate and Sharon Harris are adding their voices to a national call for the government to release all of the evidence, which supports their decisions and guidance regarding the re-opening of schools.

    "As a teacher, I recognise the tremendous impact which school closures have on children, especially the disadvantaged and vulnerable," says Councillor Ryan Bate. "We want schools to reopen for more children but parents and school workers need to know that it is safe for children to be back in schools in greater numbers."

  • Bob from Mailer
    Article: May 12, 2020

    Commenting to the Warrington Guardian following publication of the Government's 50-page COVID-19 recovery strategy document, Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Warrington Borough Council, Cllr Bob Barr said:

    During the pandemic crisis, which the UK entered inadequately prepared, the 'difficult decision' to lock down was relatively straightforward and relied on clear messaging about risk. In Warrington businesses, the voluntary sector, Council employees and care and health professionals responded impressively. In particular much has been done, successfully, to protect the most vulnerable.

  • SharonH
    Article: Apr 29, 2020
    By Cllr Sharon Harris

    The Virus has highlighted the need for a major change in the relationship between our health and care services, writes Liberal Democrat Councillor Sharon Harris.

    One of the amazing things that this Coronavirus War has done is highlight many unassuming heroes. One who caught the imagination of the public and who has raised nearly £30m for the NHS is Major Tom Moore. He has been an inspiration to us all, both young and old, at a time of great uncertainty for so many. Had he lived in a care home, we might never have heard of him for he might not have survived one of the most scandalous periods in recent history.