• Grappenhall & Appleton Thorn Focus
    Article: Jul 27, 2022

    Help your local Liberal Democrat Councillors and Focus team find out what needs doing and what matters to people in Grappenhall so we can serve you better. Residents know best!

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    While you're here, Stockton Heath Swing Bridge will be closed for repair for several months next year. We are running a separate survey to find out what arrangements will be needed to ease the disruption for local people. There's a link at the end of the Grappenhall survey that will take you straight to the swing bridge survey, or you can go straight to the swing bridge survey below.

  • Peter Walker, Sharon Harris and Judith Wheeler at Stockton Heath Swing Bridge
    Article: Jul 5, 2022

    Please tell us how the closure of Stockton Heath Swing Bridge for repair next year will affect you and your family, and what you think might be done to reduce the impact.

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    Next year Peel Ports plan to carry out essential maintenance work on Stockton Heath Swing Bridge and, we hope, smarten it up a bit. We have campaigned for this for several years. The downside is that Peel Ports say that for safety reasons the bridge will need to be completely closed while the work is in progress and it could take up to nine months.

  • At Council logo
    Article: Jun 21, 2022

    Warrington Liberal Democrats are calling for a cross-party Council group to be set up to establish a set of design principles that are ambitious for new buildings in the town.

    Our Borough Council group put forward a motion at the meeting on Monday 20th June which was supported by opposition councillors but voted down by the ruling Labour Group.

  • LD Demand Better
    Article: Jun 20, 2022
    By Cllr Ian Marks - Finance spokesperson

    Liberal Democrats say the delay in signing off the 2017/18 Accounts has been a sorry state of affairs and no-one has come out of it well.

    The report to the Council's Audit and Corporate Governance Committee by the External Auditors, Grant Thornton, acknowledged that even now there are still outstanding issues preventing completion.

  • LD Demand Better
    Article: Jun 8, 2022
    By Cllr Ian Marks

    Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the U-turn by the Government, which has now instructed Warrington Council not to grant planning permission on the vast logistics site near Junction 20 on the M6. Previously they had announced that the Council could go ahead.

    We welcome this decision by the Government. This is an area of Green Belt, and we strongly believe the Labour Council was wrong to approve the planning application for this vast logistics site prior to the Local Plan being agreed. It was premature and greatly angered many residents whose objections were ignored.