• Gate at Warrington Council Bldg
    Article: Mar 1, 2021

    The Liberal Democrat opposition group at the Town Hall has voted against the Council's Budget for next year.

    We supported the increase in Council Tax by nearly 5% to help protect essential services but rejected the overall Budget because of a lack of clarity about the impact of the proposed cuts on the public.

  • SharonH
    Article: Feb 22, 2021
    By Cllr Sharon Harris

    £2m has been ring-fenced in the Council budget to provide a Traveller's Transit Site. So why has Warrington still not got one?

    Warrington Borough Council has not addressed the lack of a Traveller's Transit Site since I was elected in 2016. This lack of political will to do the right thing means that this Labour-led Council has consistently dodged its promises and obligations both to the settled community in Warrington and to the travelling community. It has been a constant problem and during lockdown we have seen an increase in unlawful traveller encampments throughout the town.

  • Cllr Anna Fradgley and Cllr Tim Martland with residents
    Article: Feb 16, 2021

    A campaign by local residents, supported by Liberal Democrat Councillors Anna Fradgley and Dr Tim Martland, has helped persuade the Council to turn down the planning application to expand Lymm Truckwash. The Council said there was no reason to justify building on green belt and noted the proposal would have had an adverse impact on those living nearby.

  • imarks
    Article: Feb 14, 2021
    By Cllr Ian Marks, Local Health Spokesperson

    Liberal Democrats have condemned the latest set of proposals to reform the NHS because it hands more power to the Government, reversing many of the changes in the Lansley reforms of 2012. Local Health Spokesperson Cllr Ian Marks says:

    No one argues with the declared aims of bringing the NHS and Social Care closer together and cutting red tape. The problem is that the Government has promised this closer integration for eight years but nothing has happened despite endless promises. Instead we have a continuing stream of minor reorganisations of our health service but still nothing on how Social Care should be properly funded. Transferring Public Health from the NHS to local councils has been a great success and I would be very worried if this was put into reverse.

  • Dave Crowther on left, Dan Warren on right
    Article: Feb 6, 2021

    Liberal Democrat campaigners Dave Crowther and Dan Warren have launched a petition against plans to reduce rail services from Padgate Station. A consultation on these proposals has been opened which could mean reductions from May next year.

    Dave says: Travellers from Padgate would lose out from these proposals so we have launched a petition called Say No to Northern Rail Reducing our Service from Padgate Station. Padgate would no longer have a direct link with Liverpool Lime Street. Trains from Bank Quay to North Wales would stop at Chester and not continue through to North Wales. There would be reduced services the other way for trains to Manchester and further east.

  • wp-content/uploads/imarks.jpg
    Article: Feb 4, 2021
    By Cllr Ian Marks - Finance spokesperson

    The last three years' accounts of Warrington Council have still not been signed off by the external auditor, Grant Thornton.

    Another update was given to the Council's Audit Committee on Thursday evening. Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Finance, Cllr Ian Marks says:

    Neither the Council nor the Auditor are willing to commit to a date for the signing off. Given the number of promised dates that have been missed, I can't say I am surprised. All we hear is that progress is being made and the number of issues in dispute is coming down.