• LD Demand Better
    Article: May 17, 2022

    The government has confirmed that the Secretary of State will not call in the decision by Warrington Borough Council's Development Management Committee to approve the massive Six56 warehouse development at Appleton Thorn and the junction of the M6 and M56 motorways.

    They say that this should be a local planning decision.

  • At Council logo
    Article: May 17, 2022
    By Cllr Ian Marks - Finance spokesperson

    Warrington Borough Council has agreed to a trial with a new machine to repair potholes much more efficiently. The news comes after the Liberal Democrats asked a question at the recent Council meeting.

    At the Budget Council meeting I mentioned a specialist vehicle designed by JCB to repair the country's potholes in record time. The 'Pothole-Pro' can repair a pothole in eight minutes which speeds up the fixing process by 700%.

  • LD Demand Better
    Article: Apr 7, 2022
    By Cllr Bob Barr, Liberal Democrat Group Leader

    The Liberal Democrat Group on the Borough Council seeks to achieve cross-party consensus whenever possible, while responsibly opposing policies we do not agree with.

    This has been increasingly difficult under Cllr Russ Bowden's leadership of the Council where what he says goes and is loyally supported by the Labour group. This has led to some errors of judgement which have not been open to proper scrutiny or challenge.

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    Article: Apr 6, 2022
    By Cllr Ian Marks (Lymm North & Thelwall)

    Local Liberal Democrats are concerned about the likely onslaught from developers and builders at the 'Examination in Public' of the Local Plan.

    The Plan was passed by Labour at the Warrington Council meeting on Monday, despite opposition from Liberal Democrats and other groups. The officers' report made it very clear that many developers were very unhappy about their sites being removed from the plan due to the Council's decision to reduce the housing requirement and reduce the Green Belt take.

  • PPC Cllr Ryan Bate (Warrington Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Apr 5, 2022
    By Cllr Ryan Bate - Planning Spokesperson

    The Liberal Democrats oppose the current version of Warrington's Local Plan being submitted for an 'Examination in Public'. At the Council meeting on Monday, the ruling Labour Group voted in favour and all opposition councillors voted against.

    When we debated the Plan last year, we made it quite clear that unless there were significant changes, we would vote against it. Sadly, the Labour administration has ignored the views of the public, councillors and community groups and made virtually no changes following the last round of consultation.